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Great Learning in the Classroom

Aspects which contribute to Great Learning in the classroom

We have chosen to use the phrase ‘great learning’ rather than ‘outstanding’. Outstanding can mean something that ‘stands out’ as opposed to something which is normally expected. We want great learning to be the everyday experience for all our children and not something that happens occasionally.


Everyone involved in the process of learning (adults and children) will have high expectations and a commitment to success. 


Great learning will see children having a positive attitude to challenge so they can learn from their mistakes and are willing to take risks.

Learning Environment

Classrooms will be lively and interesting with high quality displays reflecting on and supporting great learning.


As a result of great learning children will make rapid and sustained progress.


Learning with varied pace allows for thoughtful reflection, bursts of concentration. Pace will be appropriate to the needs of the child.


The use of a range of questions including open questions will encourage creative, collaborative, critical and caring thinking and therefore support great learning.

Wow Factor

Great learning will see lessons which will have elements of surprise, awe, and mystery, to grab children’s attention and provoke thinking.


All children will be challenged at appropriate levels, feel enthused, and recognise the progress they are making.      


Great learning will see mutual respect, support and kindness pervade the classroom. Children will get on well with each other and adults.    

Marking and Feedback

High quality marking and effective feedback will ensure children make rapid gains in their learning.

Curriculum Expectations