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Our Ethos and Best Hopes

Our Ethos

We firmly believe that children learn best through play.  We hope to produce happy, confident, resilient, inquisitive and independent learners.  We aim to provide a challenging, exciting, inviting learning environment where children feel safe and secure, and are willing to participate in the activities provided and to seek out learning opportunities independently.

Our Aims

We aim to ensure that our children are happy, safe, confident and independent. 

We aim to challenge our children through well planned activities and environments, encouraging them to explore, investigate, talk about their ideas and work collaboratively with others, both adults and children.

We aim to provide activities and learning opportunities which will stimulate and interest children.  Our planning starts with the children, with their needs and their interests.  We plan as a team, considering the next steps for our children, and discuss which activities will best fit their next steps.

Key Nursery Files

Please note that other Statutory files for The Rothwell Schools can be found here.