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Working with You

We recognise that you are the main educators of your children and value your expertise.  If there is any information you feel we should know about your child and their development, interests or anxieties, then please don’t hesitate to tell us.

We would like you to tell us about the things that your child likes, or things that are happening that interest them so that we can incorporate them, if possible, into the activities we provide.  A new baby at home might be a good opportunity for a baby clinic to open up in the Nursery Imaginative play area, for example. 

If you would like to support the work we are doing in nursery then look out for topic webs which will give you information on the areas of the curriculum and topics we are covering.  We also keep you up to date with the notice board outside the Nursery, which tells you what activities are available each day. 

We would love you to record any personal successes your child has had on post it notes and for your child to bring them to Nursery to share with us on our “Reach for the Stars” board. These will be different for each child, and examples might include that they have been kind to their younger siblings, eaten all of their tea, got themselves dressed, or been brave at the doctors.

You will be invited to come in to work and play alongside your child during ‘family open days’ which are a great opportunity to get a bit of the ‘nursery experience’.  The first is before Christmas, and families are invited to come and make decorations and join in the festivities.  The second is just before Easter, and together you can make an Easter Bonnet, make Easter cards and chocolate nests, and go on a hunt for Easter eggs.  The final Family Open Day is at the the end of the school year, where parents, grandparents and younger siblings are invited to join us for a farewell picnic, and to watch the Nursery Graduation Ceremony. 

You will also have two opportunities to come for Parents’ Evening –in the Spring Term, and a less formal celebration evening in the Summer Term. You will also receive a written report at the end of the nursery year. 

Key Nursery Files

Please note that other Statutory files for The Rothwell Schools can be found here.